Fonts, Fonts, Fonts…

As you can probably already tell from the title of this post, my Digital Media Class is studying fonts and their affect on magazine articles, books, media and web design, etc. I will admit that the topic of fonts is definitely more intriguing that I originally thought, and it got me thinking. Remember how years ago, when computers were just becoming popular, there were only a handful of fonts. Now, we have hundreds of fonts. Serious fonts, fun fonts, cute fonts, simple fonts, big fonts, small fonts…. Gosh, I sound like I’m writing a Dr. Seuss book, but you get the idea. Although my class is only dipping its toes into fonts, the subject is actually quite interesting and vast. You can check out more about the topic of fonts in the article, “Do typefaces really matter?” at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-10689931.

Now onto the fun part! I really love most fonts. Although there are none that I just completely abhor, I will admit that I do have a few favorites. I am definitely a fan of the fun, crazy fonts, but I do understand the necessity of the more serious fonts.

One of my new favorite fonts is called “Gigi.” It’s just a fun, girly font.

Another font that I like is called “Freestyle Script.” I think that I like it because it is very similar to my own handwriting in the aspect that it’s not really cursive, but it’s not really print either.

One of the more serious fonts that I like to use is “Cooper Std Black.” It is a good, bold font with rounded serifs.

These are just a few of the fonts I adore. There are many more. (Oh gosh, more Dr. Seuss.)


Why, hello there fellow bloggers!

As you know, this blog is specifically for my Digital Media class, and each week we are asked to write a post on a certain topic. Well, the assignment for class this week is to post a 2 to 3 minute video on our blogs. The video can be on any subject- whatever suits our fancy. I was sitting in choir, musing about the assignment, and my friends and I came up with the amazing idea to make a music video. What a thought!  So, two of my friends, Matthew and Kaissling, volunteered to help me out. Little did they know what they were getting themselves into….

Now, I present to you the official music video for the Hannah Montana song “If We Were a Movie.”


I Spy With My Little Eye…

For the past week, I have been working on a project for Digital Media. The assignment was to make a photo collage that spelled out “Franklin Road Academy” with the letters found in everyday objects. One might think that this project would be easy. And that person would be wrong. Not only was it difficult to find some of the trickier letters, but it was also time consuming. Although the project was harder than expected, it was a lot of fun, and the finished product looks great. Searching for the letters, was like playing “I Spy.” It brought out the little girl in me.

Franklin Road Academy

I also had to do a collage of my name.



“The Killers”

A few weekends ago, I was given the daunting task of picking out a movie for family movie night. This always proves to be a difficult task because the movie choice must be one that pleases the whole family. My sister, mom, and I love the romantic comedies, but my dad likes the action-packed thrillers. After perusing the local redbox, I decided on “Killers” which boasts a romantic comedy/undercover spy action vibe.


This film, starring Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck, Catherine O’Hara, and Katheryn Winnick, was directed by Robert Luketic. It was produced by William Beasley, Chad Marting, and Christopher Pratt. All actors and actresses performed well and lived up to their reputations. This movie is categorized as an Action/Adventure Thriller.

The movie opens with a newly single Jen Kornfeldt (played by Heigl). It is when she is vacationing with her parents in France that she meets Spencer Aimes (Kutcher). The two hit it off, falling head over heals in love. But, what Jen doesn’t know is that Spencer is an assassin! Tired of his life of adventure and killing, Spencer happily trades his assassin lifestyle for that of his and her towels. Everything is going along perfectly until Jen and Spencer find out that he’s the target of a multi-million dollar hit. They discover that the hired killers have been living along side them for years; they could be anybody- their neighbors, co-workers, or friends. Now, the couple must run for their lives, dodging the bullets coming from seemingly innocent individuals.

Jen and Spencer fighting off a hit man

Although the acting was good, I feel as if the plot line didn’t envelop the audience soon enough. “Killers” is categorized as an Action/Adventure thriller, and, while it does possess its suspenseful, action scenes, I feel that, overall, it was more of a romantic comedy. It has been said that this movie is just a bad takeoff on the overused theme of secret spy spouse, but I do not agree. I feel that this movie is a cute, modern day version of the clichéd theme.

While it isn’t the best movie ever made (it will certainly not cause the audience to change its perspective on life or even to feel any deep emotion), “Killers” does provide a fun night at the movies.  3 out of 5 stars

For another review, you can visit http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810076153/info.

“Flaming June”

What is you favorite piece of visual art? I was asked this question yesterday, and surprisingly, I didn’t have an answer. I suppose I’ve never really contemplated what artistic masterpiece I find the most enjoyable. But, after a little thought, I remembered a painting I came across over the summer. It was during my Turner Fellowship, that I first saw “Flaming June.” Sitting on a chair in the Adult Education classroom at the Martha O’Bryan Center, the painting always drew my attention.

  Created in 1895 by Lord Frederic Leighton, “Flaming June” depicts a maiden sleeping on the ancient Mediterranean Sea. The flowing ripples of her orange dress gracefully resting around her, the woman sleeps soundly while the sun softly shines down upon her.  The toxic Oleander plant in the upper right hand corner of the picture symbolizes the delicate connection between sleep and death. By far, the most intiguing and stunning aspect of this painting is the woman’s dress. I find the intricate ripples of the fabric simply beautiful. Leighton’s shading of the graceful fabric also adds dimension to the piece of art. The only characteristic of this painting that puzzles me is the title. What is the meaning behind “Flaming June”? This is one question I would like to ask Lord Frederic Leighton.

Although I didn’t come across this painting too long ago, I have come to really like it. Whenever I look at it, peaceful thoughts come to mind. Sometimes I wish I could, for just a moment, trade places with the maiden and let the orange dress flow around me while I slept in the sun.

When I utter the words “the office,” what do you think? Perhaps a dull building with seemingly endless rows of cubicles or office supplies come to mind. Well, thanks to the popular TV show, I think about characters such as Michael Scott and the unforgettable, Dwight Schrute. If any of you have not had the wonderful opportunity of watching “The Office” for your viewing pleasure, you need to make your way out of your dark, cold cave and find a TV pronto. Fellow office fanatics, wouldn’t you just love to take a vacation to the imaginary world of  “The Office” and spend the day frolicking with Michael, Dwight, Pam, Jim, Kevin, and the rest of the gang? Well, I would aboslutely love it.

…Anyway, back to the assingment. If I could interview any living person (I have some others I would love to interview if they were still alive), it would be Rainn Wilson, the actor behind the ingenious character of Dwight Schrute. Although it is my true dream to interview the one, the only Dwight, Rainn will suffice.

My questions would include:

  1. Could you please verify the spelling of your name?
  2. How did you get involved in the business of acting?
  3. You are best known for your role on “The Office.” What other roles have you played? Have they all been comical?
  4. Please describe your Office character, Dwight Schrute.
  5. Are you in any way similar to Dwight? In what ways are you different?
  6. Where do you get your inspiration for the character of Dwight?
  7. What is one of your favorite Office episodes?
  8. Please describe a funny incident that occurred on the set of “The Office.”
  9. Are you upset that Steve Carrell is leaving the show?
  10. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’m sure this interview would be very entertaining. Hopefully it would be full of memorable quotes such as, “Before I do anything I ask myself  ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing,” and “There are 40 rules all Schrute boys must learn by age 5. Rule #17- There are 3 things you never turn your back on- bears, men you have wronged, and a dominant male turkey during mating season.”

A cute, yellow rubber ducky: Aka- Me :PWell, it has officially been a week since I started taking Digital Media, and I have to say that I like it. So far, we have learned about blogs, news, and interviews, and we have many interesting projects coming up. For example, we are going to conduct a formal interview with not only our Tech teacher, but also another teacher of our choice. I am also looking forward to other fun topics and projects. I love designing things, and I’ve heard that this is the class in which to do it. I hope that through taking Digital Media, I will not only gain more knowledge of the world of technology and design, but I will also have fun in the process. Even though I’ve only just dipped my toes into Digital Media, I have to say that the water feels fine!